Hello, my name is Mandy and I am a Twi Addict

I am a proud geek and not afraid to admit that last night I sat in line for 8 hrs to get in to watch Twilight Eclipse. Yes it’s true I am a Twi-hard and member of Twi Mom’s. Love the books even before they were popular. I know many didn’t like the first Twilight movie. However I did, I loved the artsy feel of the film. The scenery was amazing and the music really good. Course I am partial since I love the books so much. Why is that?......I am like everyone else I guess , it reminds me of falling in love for the first time. I relate so well to how Bella is in the books, Stephenie Meyers really knows how to write in teen angst with supernatural flair.

The first year I went with my bestie, both my nieces and several other friends. We waited in line for 5 hrs, before they let us in the theater.

The second year New Moon I was 5 months preggo with Rugglebug. I wore a Cullen Baseball T-shirt and sat in line with my bestie and her DH for 6 hrs

For the last one the 3rd one Eclipse we waited for 8 hrs. My bestie, two nieces, and a friend. We also made our shirts this year. Well I didn’t I wore my Twilight Moms shirt, but I made my besties. Her’s says “ My husband said to choose between him and twilight, I miss him sometimes.” I also made my nieces, this year she was 4 months preggo and she has a maternity one. It said “Imprinted” on the back “ 2010 Year of the Wolf. “ As you might guess she is team Jacob. I am not “Team” anything but man you have to admit as Zoolander says Taylor L. is “ really, really, ridiculously good looking.".”