The 9 Month Evolution of the Belly Bump

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Welcome to the World

We now have beautiful baby. However I am getting ahead of myself, the day before DH flew in from Afghanistan and landed 14 hrs before we had to go in for the delivery. He was exhausted a walking zombie.
Our little Rugglebug came into this world at 7:34 a.m weighing 8lbs 8 oz, and 21’ long with a head of hair. I had a C-section( again I did not want one they gave me no choice at this hospital ) and everything really did go great for the recovery.
I was really scared in the delivery room....nerves i guess I’m so glad DH was there. I warned the anesthesiologist that previously with the twins I had a bad reaction to the spinal. He said “okay thanks for telling me.” I get the feeling he didn’t listen much. Anyway i had another bad reaction to the spinal just like last time however this time it was worse. i threw up constantly and my BP bottomed out twice, they had to bring me back cause I fainted. They also used a cell saver on me so i wouldn’t lose to much blood since I’ve been so anemic and have had all those iron infusions. DH just about fainted as well, he says its not the grossness it’s more my reaction and he thinks they are hurting me he’s sweet. After I fainted and they brought me back the doctor was like “ you weren’t kidding about the reaction.” Duh
Here is our son Rugglebug

I'll put up some more pics as soon as I find where I put them =)


Isn't She Pretty

This is what you get when you have 3 kids =) Thank you honey!!!


Newborn Pictures

Rugglebug is 8 days old and we had his newborn pictures taken by our friend Sarah. I hadn't planned on being in them at all, however Sarah insisted. Now I am glad that I did =)