State Fair

Today we took the girls out of school early and we met some friends at the State Fair. We had a really good time. We saw so many interesting foods, Fried Snickers, Fried Margarita's, Fried Butter. See a theme here, DH was to chicken to try anything so we had to stick with hot-dogs, lemonade and funnel cake.
It wasn't there first time on a Ferris Wheel but it was the first time on one this big.

Look at Leah's face

We both got to take the girls on bumper cars, they thought running into one another was the super fun.

Logan really like the Dog Show he bounced up and down through the whole thing.

The girls with there friend D. We went through the petting zoo, surprisingly I enjoyed it.
That is no Wilbur folks =)
Loved the Do'

He tried to kiss me

Snowdrop wanted to ride her very first roller coaster. The first big hill scared her a tad, but then she loved the rest of it and asked us if she could go again. I'm happy that shes going to love them like I do, Dewdrop is more like her Daddy, not that excited about flying super fast downhill. I've tried to post the video of that and the ride on the Ferris Wheel but I'm having complications so maybe I'll be able to add them later.