SNOW Is Not A Dirty Word

Last year around this time we had snow, real fluffy white snow. A foot, which to most is nothing especially if compared with the rest of the country, however here in Texas any snow is exciting. I was so disappointed because last year DH was overseas and missed everything. I thought for sure it would not happen 2 years in a row. I would say YAY I was wrong, but not only did we get snow we also got ice, 4 days of no school for the kids and high temps in the low teens. Coldest weather we have had here in 15 years.

Ruggles seeing his first snow a few days earlier

It started snowing at midnight, I happen to love snow so I drug DH outside to play. He says because he's a Yankee his blood is made of ice so he doesn't need things like shoes and a coat like us southern people. I'll just laugh when he gets a cold =)

The girls went out and played but it was really to bitter and windy to stay out for more than a few minutes. Of course what do you do when there’s 2 inches of ice out, jump on a trampoline.

Ruggles liked the snow but he did not like all the layers of clothes he had to wear. It made him off balance and he kept falling and getting wet.
I decided to paint the kitchen cabinets which I have to say turned out very well, I also had to run a heater under the kitchen sink. Even doing that it still froze, but it kept the pipes from bursting in the end.

DH taught the girls how to make there very first Snowman