July 2010 Convention

This weekend was our yearly convention. I rented a hotel room for the first time ever in downtown Ft. Worth. There was no way I was taking 3 kids alone and driving into the city every morning just so I can fight for a parking space. Friday was fine but thanks to a tropical depression we had huge storms that afternoon. We stayed 3 blocks from the convention centers door so guess what me and the kids had to do? Yep in the pouring rain, at least I had a HUGE umbrella. The baby was just fine in his stroller that was water proof and had a roof. The girls and I took off our shoes and put on flip flops and decided to make a game of it jumping in all the puddles on the way back. Some people thought we were crazy I’m sure but most just smiled and laughed with us. It rained most of the weekend, I love the rain so it was a great for me.

I did learn a few lessons; one Rugglebug does not go to sleep well without his swing. Two the Ft.Worth water gardens are really pretty at night. Three , packing breakfast foods doesn’t really work unless you use boxed cereal and small cartons of milk that have to sit in the ice bucket to stay cold. Four, enjoy room service it’s awesome with three kids. Five, sharing a room with 3 kids and 2 teenage girls….not so fun. My 13 year old niece and her bestie stayed with me Thursday night, I totally love them to death for helping me out but between one grinding her teeth all night and the other shouting and talking in her sleep…let’s just say makes for an interesting night.

DH came and spent the night with me Friday and Saturday night. He took the kids swimming in the hotel pool, at one point I seriously thought he was going to throw a teen boy across the pool. The kid kept running into the girls. Rugglebug didn’t like it too much the indoor pool wasn’t warm enough and it was really loud. Saturday night DH and I walked the kids down to the Square. We only went to B&N but I got a chance to look for new cookbooks so I was happy.
I took several pictures here are some with my family and the kids.

with my niece who happens to be expecting

My nephew with the girls

My mother and Rugglebug
With two of my nieces and another nephew who is 5 wks older than Rugglebug

My Parents

This one is a hat…a person sitting in front of us was from Africa. I am not sure what the hat was made of, it wasn’t material looked more plastic to me. Her 2 daughters and smaller versions and all there dresses were glittery. Very pretty…..I just couldn’t see.

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