First Day of School

Today was a big day, it was the girls first day of school. They started Kindergarten, they have been so excited. Every day for the last month they have asked us if it was time to start big kid school.

DH took off work so we could take them to school together. We walked them in and took them each to there own class. They are in separate classes, not only is it school policy but it was something other mom's of multiples have recommended to me. That way they get a break from each other during the day and when they get home they fight less. So far it has worked out well, when I pick them up everyday all they do on the way home is talk to one another about there day.

I always thought that things would be less busy when school started. HA was I wrong. Get up early take care of Ruggles, wake the girls, breakfast, do there hair. Then load the car, drop them off. The afternoons are just as busy. After school there homework, who knew there was this much homework in Kinder. I have to admit that sometimes its fun. Anyway after that it's dinner and make lunches and then baths and bed and putting the baby to bed. Ah yes see very relaxing. I don't really mind but I do feel like a grown up now. Isn't that odd =)

Here is a couple of pictures from there first day.
They were so proud of there new big girl backpacks.
Dewdrop should be a model I think, she is always posing.My little Snowdrop

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