Cleaning Green

We have a new addition to our family,Dexter. Yes, DH named him after a serial killer. Now come on is that the face of a killer or a cuddle bug?

He is a pure German Shepherd of course, and he's HUGE. Only 12 weeks and already 21lbs, he's also a "silver," because his dad is totally white. We call him a BEAST, because he really is one.

Our house has gotten a tad bit full these days. =)

It's also messy and smells like wet dog on rainy days like we're having today. That is why I love my vacuum, it's a bulky one a Rainbow BUT it has a great air filter. It does wonders for DH's allergies and to keep the house smelling clean.

However the vacuum can't do it alone, a friend introduced me to Method and now I am in love. Have you heard of them? I buy mine from Target but they are sold all over like Albertsons, and Lowes. They claim to be a Clean, Green, Safe, cleaning product. They are cheaper than several of the leading brands and work great. Yesterday DH brought me home a bottle of antibacterial bathroom cleaner that smells like spearmint. Who knew a bathroom cleaner could make me so happy.
They have a new kitchen one out too that smells like lemon verbena, I can't wait to try it. What "green" product do you clean with?

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