Sunday Dinner

Sunday I felt like cooking. I love to cook but these days I just have very little time to play in my kitchen. However with no major plans on Sunday I made one of my favorite meals. Lemon Garlic roasted chicken, with lemon fingerling potatoes and a butter lettuce salad with a yummy Beurre Blanc Sauce. I actually use the recipe from Tyler Florence's book Dinner At My Place however the link from Time is the same one. For dessert I wanted to try a new recipe and make a Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread. Oh my goodness it was so delicious, I have to thank Aimée over at Under the Highchair for posting such a great recipe. I've made the cupcakes before and they are always a big hit but they just don't compare to this gooey chocolaty cake.

DH had to run a few errands and was a sweetheart so he stopped off at the store to pick up a few thing for me. So for dinner instead of having the lemon garlic chicken i had planned we had a lemon garlic turkey breast....because "they looked the same." Hey I'm not going to complain though it turned out great and I didn't have to go to the store.
Going into the oven

Beurre Blanc Sauce
Everything is better with butter
Something is wrong with my flash but here's the finished salad, those are shallots on the top
Ruggles hanging out
Usually this would be all served up fancy on white platters, however I just didn't feel like washing that many dishes.
Just about done baking, I would have taken finished product pictures however we had a slight mishap. Dh so graciously offered to help me get the loaf out of the pan......so half the loaf came out and half didn't =) no worries though all crumbled up makes a great bottom to vanilla ice cream. Next time more cooking spray and less help.

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