4 Months Old Today

Our little Rugglebug is 4 months old today. He can hold his head up now when he’s on his tummy, and he won’t stop rolling over. He has also been teething like crazy for the last month, he's 20lbs and he needs a new car seat because the one he has only goes up to 22lbs.

Who do you think Rugglebug looks more like Snowdrop or Dewdrop as a baby? Can you tell them apart?

While at the gym daycare this week Rugglebug I learned loved there Jumparoo, so guess what he got last night and adores?


I finished his baby book the other day. Know it’s supposed to last the first year but I think I went picture crazy =)

I feel bad about the girls baby books, they were they first things I ever made scrap-booking and well let’s just say it shows. I need to start a family book starting at age 3 till now. I plan to start that tomorrow.

On another note I need to start really training for all the fall marathons that are coming up. Skye wants me to do the Warrior Dash in Austin this fall. I also wanted to do the Muddy Buddy again , Pumpkin Run in October and the Cowtown in February. I am so out of shape running though. Yesterday I only managed to run a 13 min mile. Only one, I walked the other two. I’ve been a real bum and hopefully when the girls start school this fall I can get to the gym if not sooner.

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