Trip to the Museum

One of my nephews is visiting my parents for the summer, so we all went to the Museum today. The girls had never been to the omni before either.

Snowdrop is playing doctor and giving the baby a shot
Dewdrop found this camera so much fun, especially when she could see her tongue.

This part had to be my favorite although Snowdrop really didn't like it. It was a 10 minute 4D show on the barnett shale. The seats moved and water sprayed you.
Here they are building domino stairs with my mom.
Learning about gears
My dad and nephew are putting together a working circuit.

Here they got to pretend to ride a horse and use there legs to make it move on the screen

It was a fun day, afterwards we went into the omni. If you have never been it's a little hard to describe.
The Omni Theater was the first IMAX screen in the Southwest and, with an eight-story domed screen and 30-degree stadium seating, remains the largest IMAX dome in the United States west of the Mississippi River. The Omni’s 120-foot-wide screen places the audience in the center of the action, producing a sensation much closer to real-life than a conventional movie theater.
The theater embodies a revolutionary concept in film presentation, which combines the drama of oversized film, state-of-the-art projection equipment, innovative tilt-domed theater architecture and the most sophisticated production techniques to create unique cinematic experience

Here is a great vid of what it looks like

Here is a really bad version from my iphone =) at one point someone hit the volume button, thats when i dropped the phone to cover my ears.

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