Beginning Again

I’ve decided to start blogging again. It seems to be the best way to communicate with family and friends that are more than a car ride away. It’s interesting how blogging has gotten popular in the last couple of years. I remember back when people looked at you and said “blogging? What’s blogging?” I started out with Live Journal or Dead Journal and then used Myspace blog for a long time. However when life gets busy with twins and a house, 3 fur babies, and then another little Rugglebug writing down the days antics really aren’t a priority. Getting in a shower, and remembering to eat lunch seems to be higher on the” to do list.” These days there are so many things the girls do or say that I want to tell people about and then totally forget about it when the phone rings, the baby cries, someone knocks at the door and the girls are doing jumping jacks in the living room all at the same.
Here’s another shot at putting it all down in type and beginning again.

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